Having worked in the AV industry for quite some time, I’ve seen people “stuck” in the role that they have started in and never have the opportunity to advance or really explore new opportunities. Programming AV systems is something that is greatly assisted by knowing what connects where and how it is supposed to function, so having a background working on installation or testing of systems can provide some of the prerequisite knowledge. That being said, programming isn’t for everyone and I’m not going to suggest that anybody that does installations is a good candidate to do programming….but for the people who have interest sometimes the opportunity doesn’t ever present itself to advance because they are typecast in their role.

What I want to do here is provide that baseline introduction to Crestron programming – what it looks like, how to really get started, and some of the things you need to know to get going. There is far too much information for one blog post so this is really just an introduction to the idea of covering this material by way of courses and videos.

If you’ve been interested in programming but never really got into it, I’d love to hear some of the challenges you have getting going and some of the things that this site may be able to shed more light onto.

P.S. – I consider a healthy addiction to coffee to kind of be a prerequisite (as you can see in the picture… but feel free to pick your own beverage!

*Update – Here’s an archive of a live broadcast I did today talking about some points above:

**Update – November 19, 2015 –¬†Free Webinar Series for Crestron Programming Sign Up Here

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Dustin has been involved in the Professional Audio Visual industry for over 20 years, working for integrators both big and small. Learning the ropes through many years of trial, error, and firsthand experience, Dustin is passionate about creating resources to help share the knowledge that he has obtained the "hard" way.

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