Crestron Programming Webinar Series

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I’ve had a lot of people interested in how to get going with Crestron touch panel system programming, or learn a bit more to help them get back on track after being out of it for a while. Since I do a lot of programming these days, I am in a good position to be able to show people things that I have learned in my day to day work and hopefully speed up the learning process a bit. Crestron has excellent in-person training, and I am not discounting that in any way. By offering this webinar and subsequent relevant material, I want to help people get further along in their skill set even if they don’t have the immediate opportunity to be sent for training.

Having worked in the AV industry for a long time, I have experienced the situation where a company didn’t want to (or couldn’t) invest the time training people into a new role. When work just needs to be done, people can often get stuck in the same role without a real opportunity to see what else is out there.

Recently, I have had people tell me things like “My employer isn’t really looking to pay for me (or anyone really) to get Crestron training and its not really in my budget to be able to go get the proper training. I do feel though over the next few months to a year I could learn enough on my own to get attention from my employer”

All this being said, I am setting up a few FREE webinars to go through some material and get a feel for the types of questions that people have and how I can best help them out. The intent is to eventually develop some course material around this topic depending on how things go. I am doing all this primarily because I believe that having an opportunity to explore different paths in one’s career can spark new interests and make people more invested in what is going on around them.

*NOTE – The Webinars are on hold for now, I have to find time to do them and have been too busy with project work. I had deleted this page but the links above are still relevant and linked to from some youtube videos. In the interim, if you need assistance with learning programming I do have a way to book paid time in my calendar to assist.

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