HDMI, HDCP, and the Analog Sunset

Most people already know about the changes forced upon some aspects of the industry. A lot of the difficulty involving digital signal distribution is caused by the encryption that can be placed on the link between playing and viewing device.

There are way more robust ways to distribute digital content, such as SDI and HD-SDI, which was designed to run over regular coax that is in place everywhere. Broadcasters use this to put HD cameras in large venues without having to re-cable the entire facility. Unfortunately, outside the broadcast industry, we are forced to use the HDMI digital input and output of devices, and with it come some major limitations.

A lot of the restrictions placed on digital distribution of content are driven by Hollywood and the movie industry. The size of this industry is MASSIVE compared to the Professional AV market, so we are largely forced to play by their rules – rules not really designed in the context of what we as integrators do.

I created a funny video about this, check it out:

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