Crestron Programming Mentorship Subscription

Do you ever get stuck trying to work through a programming challenge?

It seems like there is never anyone around that can help work through some of the issues you come across as you are starting to do more advanced programs. I’ve been there, and it can be frustrating! Technical support doesn’t really have time to answer code problems, and although there are some pretty decent facebook and yahoo groups it can be daunting asking sometimes stupid questions as you develop your skills.

In an effort to assist you as you work towards becoming a better programmer, we have created a mentorship package.

  • Weekly personal video call to assist with project challenges with some flexibility in scheduling
  • Access to some of the modules Dustin uses to speed up certain tasks (as required)
  • Priority access via email to questions

Cost – $200 USD/month
Cancellation policy – subscription can be cancelled at any time.