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Published on February 12th, 2012 | by Dustin Baerg


Creating an XPanel for Crestron Offsite Programming

If you’ve ever needed to do some Crestron programming offsite, all you need is a processor – the panel can be simulated using an XPanel. Here is a quick video showing how to set this up.

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Dustin has been involved in the Professional Audio Visual industry for 20 years, working for integrators both big and small. Learning the ropes through many years of trial, error, and firsthand experience, Dustin is passionate about creating resources to help share the knowledge that he has obtained the "hard" way.

2 Responses to Creating an XPanel for Crestron Offsite Programming

  1. Azzy says:

    I am Ali from Saudi Arabia. I am working here as Technical Engineer in AV Automation department.

    Just want to appreciate you for your work. It is quite interesting reading your blog. I am always looking to learn and to keep my self up-to-date in AV automation industry. And i am learning a lot from you. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and i am waiting to see whats next on your website.

    Currently i am working on XMBC server to integrate with Crestron. It is quite amazing experience. I proposed many expensive solutions to my clients for AV servers. But now i got something really shocking which is XBMC server. It is not working fine with me on 3 series processor but 2 series processor is running it smooth. If you have any knowledge on this please share it.

    Thanks again for your efforts

    • Admin says:

      Hello Ali,

      I haven’t worked with XMBC server at all, but it does look interesting. I assume you are using TCP/IP communication from the Crestron processor to control the playback functions of the XMBC unit. Odd that it would work on 2 series but not 3 series processors though.
      Are there modules for Crestron to connect to XMBC, or did you develop your own way?

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