If you are integrating parts from different suppliers into a system, there is a good chance that things aren’t going to go exactly as planned during the process. The amount of time it takes to work around issues can be attributed a lot to experience, but I feel that having the proper mindset plays a huge factor in how effective you are at ultimately achieving success.

I’ve seen installers who look at a problem already sure that it can’t be solved.

Let’s use the hypothetical example of Gary, a seasoned installation technician. Gary will look at a problem, and give you a list of reasons why what you want to do is not going to work. In his mind, it just can’t be done. Luckily, Gary is a good guy, and he will try some of the suggestions you give him… but always comes to the same conclusion – it just can’t be done.

The problem is that Gary gets defeated before he even starts. Every angle that he looks at is from a frame of mind of proving his conclusion. “See, it won’t work because of _____”
For some reason, I have never taken that approach. I think I came to the realization early in  life that you need to look at problems differently if you want to have any hope at solving them. Often I will tell people “I am GOING to make this work” and (somehow) I do. Sometimes it ends up being really easy, but most of the time there is some sort of hiccup along the way. Even if it takes 15 different attempts to ultimately make things work the way they need to, I am determined to not fail.

As long as you keep altering your approach you will eventually reach your goal. The only way to really fail at anything is to stop trying.

Even if you end up having to get other people or resources involved to solve a problem, you become the person who facilitates getting things done… not the person standing in the way of progress. Having the mindset of determination can really set you apart from everyone around you. If you are willing to take ownership for getting things completed, it will make you much more valuable and have a positive impact on every area of your life.

About the author

Dustin has been involved in the Professional Audio Visual industry for over 20 years, working for integrators both big and small. Learning the ropes through many years of trial, error, and firsthand experience, Dustin is passionate about creating resources to help share the knowledge that he has obtained the "hard" way.

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